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Jeremy Piven, a versatile actor, has captivated audiences for decades with his dynamic performances on both television and the big screen. But what is the story behind this award-winning actor? Let’s dive into Piven’s journey to stardom, his television and film roles, and his philanthropic efforts.

Key Takeaways

  • Jeremy Piven’s acting career began through his parents’ influence and work with acclaimed actors, leading to success in Hollywood.
  • He has been awarded various accolades such as three Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe and a Satellite Award for his performances.
  • Jeremy Piven demonstrates a commitment to the Arts & Environment through philanthropy, advocacy & environmental initiatives.

The Journey to Stardom: Jeremy Piven’s Acting Beginnings

Jeremy Piven, a Manhattan native, was seemingly born for the entertainment industry. His career was significantly shaped by his early exposure to acting, thanks to his parents – both actors and drama teachers – and his early work with acclaimed actors like Kevin Pollak and Eric Roberts.

Since then, Piven has emerged as a recognizable figure in Hollywood. He has.

Manhattan Roots and Education

Jeremy Piven’s education began at Evanston Township High School before matriculating to NYU’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, where he studied alongside talented actors like Richard Dreyfuss and Eric Roberts.

To further hone his acting skills, he attended the Actors Studio Drama School, which prepared him for his future role as the iconic Ari Gold in the HBO series Entourage.

The Influence of the Piven Theatre Workshop

The Piven Theatre Workshop, co-founded by Jeremy’s parents, was instrumental in shaping his acting career. With a focus on the Meisner technique, the workshop provided a solid foundation for Piven’s future acting endeavors.

Piven’s success stems from his early training at the workshop and his notable performance in the film “Runaway Jury.”

Television Success: Entourage and Beyond

Piven’s television success skyrocketed with his portrayal of fast-talking Ari Gold in the HBO series Entourage. His character became one of the most renowned on television, earning him critical acclaim and multiple awards.

However, Piven didn’t limit himself to just that, he continued to showcase his acting prowess by starring in the critically acclaimed British drama, Mr. Selfridge.

The Rise of Ari Gold

Jeremy Piven’s most distinguished role as Ari Gold in Entourage earned him a well-deserved reputation in the entertainment industry. His portrayal resulted in three Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards, solidifying his place as a top-tier actor.

Piven’s name became synonymous with the character of Ari Gold, infusing the series with a unique energy and humor that resonated with audiences.

British Drama: Mr. Selfridge

In Mr. Selfridge, Piven took on the role of Harry Selfridge, the founder of the famous London department store Selfridge. The critically acclaimed series, a semi-fictional story based on real events, delved into the life of the American retail magnate and his eponymous department store.

His performance in the comedy series won praise and cemented his status as a versatile actor, excelling in both television dramas and comedies.

Versatility on the Big Screen: Jeremy Piven’s Film Career

Beyond television, Piven has demonstrated his versatility in film, appearing in movies such as:

  • Black Hawk Down
  • Heat
  • Old School
  • Rock N Rolla

With his impressive filmography, fans are eagerly awaiting news on his upcoming films.

With a range of memorable performances from drama to comedy, Piven demonstrates a knack for adapting to and excelling in diverse genres.

Memorable Movie Roles

Among Piven’s numerous film roles, his portrayal of Dean Kansky in Serendipity and Buddy ‘Aces’ Israel in Smokin’ Up. Aces stand out as particularly memorable. In Serendipity, Piven played a witty and supportive friend to John Cusack’s character, while in Smokin’ Aces, he took on the role of a Vegas magician-turned-mob informant.

Collaborations with John Cusack

Throughout his career, Piven has collaborated with fellow actor John Cusack in films like Grosse Pointe Blank and Serendipity. Their on-screen chemistry and friendship off-screen have led to a long-lasting working relationship between the two actors.

Even amidst industry challenges, Piven and Cusack persist in delivering memorable performances in their respective careers.

Jeremy Piven’s Latest Projects and Endeavors

Piven’s recent projects span a sports drama, Sweetwater, hosting a podcast titled “How U Livin’, J. Piven?”, and a stand-up comedy tour. These ventures exemplify his ongoing commitment to his craft and exploration of new facets within the entertainment industry.

Piven has been a mainstay in the entertainment industry for decades, and his latest projects have been very successful.

Tackling Sports Drama: Sweetwater

In Sweetwater, Piven stars as the Knicks coach in a movie about one of the first African-American players in the NBA. The film, which also stars Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss, tackles larger concerns of race, prejudice, and the struggle for equality.

Sweetwater is a testament to Piven’s ability to adapt to different roles and genres in film.

“How U Livin’, J. Piven?” Podcast

In his weekly podcast, “How U Livin’, J. Piven?”, Piven interviews celebrities and explores entertainment industry topics. The podcast highlights Piven’s knack for engaging his guests in meaningful conversations, creating an enjoyable experience for both fans and newcomers.

Stand-Up Comedy Tour

Adding another feather to his cap, Piven has been touring the US with his stand-up comedy show. His performances have garnered favorable reviews for his storytelling and comedic timing.

The stand-up comedy tour further underscores Piven’s versatility, demonstrating his talent for entertaining audiences across different formats.

Jeremy Piven Awards and Recognition

Throughout his acting career, Piven has received numerous awards and recognition for his performances. Some of his notable achievements include:

  • Three Emmy Awards for his role as Ari Gold in Entourage
  • A Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries, or Television Film
  • A Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries, or Television Film
  • Nominations from prestigious award-giving bodies like the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Writers Guild of America Awards

These accolades highlight Piven’s talent and the critical acclaim he has received for his work.

Philanthropy and Personal Interests

Jeremy Piven is not just an accomplished actor; he is also a philanthropist and supporter of various causes. He supports the performing arts through his involvement with the Piven Theatre Workshop and is dedicated to environmental causes. In a similar vein, Jamie Foxx is another actor known for his philanthropic efforts.

A passionate believer in Eastern philosophy, Piven integrates mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation into his daily routine.

Supporting the Arts and Environment

Piven’s dedication to the arts and the environment is evident in his philanthropic work. He has supported various charitable organizations such as the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Keep A Child Alive, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Piven’s advocacy for these causes signifies his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the entertainment industry.

Piven has also been involved in numerous environmental initiatives, such as the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Private Life and Relationships

Although renowned and successful, Piven has succeeded in keeping his personal life relatively private. He’s been in several high-profile relationships, yet the specifics of his love life remain confidential.

Piven extends this privacy opting to largely concentrate on his career and philanthropic efforts.


Jeremy Piven’s journey from his early acting days in Manhattan to his award-winning roles in Entourage and beyond showcases his incredible talent and versatility as an actor. With a philanthropic spirit and dedication to various causes, Piven continues to make a positive impact both on and off-screen. His latest projects and endeavors further demonstrate his ability to evolve and entertain audiences across various platforms, cementing his status as a true force in the entertainment world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many movies did John Cusack and Jeremy Piven do together?

John Cusack and Jeremy Piven have starred in 10 movies together, including One Crazy Summer (1986), Elvis Stories (1989), Say Anything (1989), The Player (1992), Floundering (1994), The Grifters (1990), Grosse Pointe Blank (1997), Serendipity (2001) and Runaway Jury (2003).

These films span a variety of genres, from romantic comedies to crime dramas. Cusack and Piven have a long-standing friendship, which is evident in their on-screen chemistry. They have a knack for playing off each other’s strengths and creating memorable characters. Their collaborations have been praised by critics and audiences alike.

Was Jeremy Piven in Seinfeld?

Yes, Jeremy Piven did appear on Seinfeld; he portrayed George Costanza in the two-part episode “The Pilot” in 1993.

However, Piven was not a regular cast member on the show. He only appeared in that one episode.

What is Jeremy Piven’s most famous role?

Jeremy Piven is best known for his iconic role as Ari Gold in the HBO series Entourage.

Has Jeremy Piven won any awards for his acting?

Yes, Jeremy Piven has won multiple awards for his acting, including three Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe, and a Satellite Award for his role in Entourage.

What are some of Jeremy Piven’s recent projects?

Jeremy Piven has kept busy recently, appearing in the sports drama Sweetwater, hosting his podcast “How U Livin’, J. Piven?”, and performing stand-up comedy shows on tour.

He has also been involved in a number of charitable causes, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the American Cancer Society. He is an advocate for animal rights and has been a vocal supporter of the Humane Society.


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